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With the icoffee app, you can provide much easier access to your customers, benefit and earn profit from the green economy, and receive free promotions from our platforms and social media. And yes, it is free to use our software services.

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Be Part of the green economy

• Encourage customers to replace all paper cups with reusable cups
• Save your precious storage space, save time, energy and purchase costs
• Earn a profit.
• We will provide reusable cups with a wholesale price, you can sell the cups with a reasonable margin.

Promote your shop for free

• icoffee will prioritise and promote the coffee shops with GREEN+ enabled, on our mobile app for iOS, mobile app for Android, website, Instagram, Facebook and etc…
• You can publish special deals or upcoming events to the customers, similar to how Instagram work, except that each post is linked with map navigation to your shop.
• This is a free advertisement channel, use it with ease.

Customized digital loyalty system

• Still sticking to the paper stamp card? It is so outdated and is bringing a lot of inconvenience to customers.
• Why not switch to a digital loyalty system? Like so many big brands such as Countdown, BP, Mobil and Mojo.

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